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Ninja Deals FAQ

What is Ninja Deals?
Ninja Deals is a service that hand-picks the best and biggest Amazon Deals everyday. We then send you those deals to your email daily so you never miss out on the best deals!

How Much Does it Cost?
Ninja Deals is completely free! We do not charge a dime to send you awesome deals everyday.

Can I Cancel Anytime?
Yes, there are no contracts or obligations. To cancel, simply click the unsubscribe link in the bottom of our Daily Deals email and your subscription will end.

Is Ninja Deals Affiliated with Amazon?
No, we are not affiliated to Amazon but we do participate in the Amazon Associates program.

What Deals are Included?
We gather the best of the best deals in each of the Amazon Deals sections including Warehouse Deals, Goldbox Deals, Lightning Deals, Daily Deals, Digital Deals, Outlets Deals and Woot! Deals.

Can I Customize What Ninja Deals Sends?
We are currently working on an enhancement where you can choose which categories of deals you want to get deals for.