17 Benefits of Amazon Prime You Didn’t Know

amazon prime

Amazon Prime is one of the biggest subscription services in the World with over 80 million estimated users currently. With free 2-day shipping why would you not have Amazon Prime? But did you know there are ton of more great benefits to using Amazon Prime?

In the article, I am going to explain all the great benefits of Amazon Prime that you may have not known.

Free Two-Day Shipping

Prime Delivery is one of the most popular benefits of having a Prime Membership. There is just nothing that beats getting your online purchases delivered for free.. in 2 days or less (besides Prime Now Delivery).

Currently, you can get free two-day shipping on over 10’s of millions of products on Amazon. If a product features the Prime logo, then its eligible to get to your house in 2 days, for free.

When you see the Prime Free Same-Day or Free One-Day logo then you will get same or one day shipping for free. This is only available on about 1 million items currently but is growing fast.

If you see the Prime Now logo then the item is eligible for free 2 hour delivery by a Amazon Flex delivery agent.

Prime Now Delivery

amazon prime nowPrime Now is the newest shipping method by Amazon where you can get your item in 2 hours or less. Think of the possibilities of being able to order something online and get it almost instantly.

You can also shop at local stores in your area and get the items shipped to you almost instant. But how does Amazon get you these items so fast? Well, they created a service called Amazon Flex where eligible people can get paid to delivery these packages for Amazon.

Prime Now is currently only available in a select number of cities. Visit the Prime Now page and enter your zip code to see if you are eligible to use Prime Now which also powers some of Amazons other services like Amazon Restaurants.

Amazon Restaurants

You may have not heard of Amazon Restaurants but its a service very similar to GrubHub where Amazon provides restaurant food delivery right to your home. Choose from a large number of cities, restaurants and cuisines to get the perfect meal delivered right to your home.

Amazon Restaurants in powered by Prime Now which is the hour-or-less delivery service that we talked about above. Just pick your restaurant, choose your meal and get it delivered. You will also receive $10 off your first order using the special Prime-only service.

Currently, the service is available in a decent amount of larger cities like Baltimore, Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago, Miami, San Diego, etc. To see if its available in your area, head to the Amazon Restaurants page and enter your zip code to see if you are eligible to use the service.

Amazon Prime Photos

amazon prime photosWhen you become an Amazon Prime member you get UNLIMITED photo storage and 5 GB of storage for videos, documents and other files. You can also add on 5 other people through the Family Vault, which we will talk about later in this article.

Amazon Prime Photos is a really cool service that can organize your photos automatically by people, places or things. You can even hook it up to your Echo and Fire TV and say the command ‘Show my Photos’. Use your Amazon Photos to print and customize photo gifts like cards, invitations, mugs, calendars and more.

Use Amazon Drive to save and backup all your precious photos and moments in time. Its important to note that Prime Photos is for personal use only and not for commercial use for processional photography businesses or any other commercial service.

Amazon Prime Music

With Amazon Prime Music, you can enjoy over 2 million songs ad-free. Take your music with you anywhere you go with offline listening and get great discounts on unlimited Prime Music upgrades.

Amazon Prime Music allows you to create playlist and personalized stations for whatever mood you are in. For an extra $7.99 a month you can get Amazon Music Unlimited where you can enjoy tens of millions of songs on any of your devices…anywhere you go.

Amazon Elements

If you are a health or fitness buff then having access to Amazon Elements is a really great perk of Amazon Prime. With Amazon Elements, you have access to premium products with transparent origins that are only exclusive to Amazon Prime.

amazon elements

This means natural supplements, baby wipes, vitamins and more. Each Amazon Element product comes with a store of the product and every bit of vital information about the product you need to know where it came from and whats in it.

Discounts at Whole Foods

Now that Amazon has acquired Whole Foods, they now offer bigger discounts at Whole Foods as well as a number of other great perks for Prime Members. They will feature Amazon Lockers at all Whole Foods, so you can ship your items to Whole Foods and pick it up after you shop.

You will also be able to pay with your Prime account and receive bigger discounts at Whole Foods across the USA.

Amazon Prime Video

Like Netflix or Hulu, Amazon has a Video service that allows you to stream thousands of popular movies and TV shows wherever and whenever you want. When you gain access to Amazon Prime Video, you get access to a huge library of movies and TV shows at no additional cost.

Prime members can also subscribe to over 100 premium channels like HBO, Showtime and Starz… Only pay for channels you want and never miss your favorite show again! Rent or Buy new movies and TV Shows the day after broadcast, starting at $2.99.

Prime Early Access Deals

The Prime Early Access section gives Prime members 30-minute early access to the best lightning deals on Amazon. This allows you to get the latest deals before anyone else is able to even see them. Too view Amazon Prime Early Access Deals, follow the link below.

To find the Prime Early Access deals just click ‘Today’s Deals’ in the top menu on Amazon.com and then choose Prime Early Access Deals on the left column.

Amazon Dash Buttons

When you register as a Prime Member on Amazon, you will get access to this really cool service called Amazon Dash Buttons. These little buttons are shortcuts to quickly find a reorder your favorite products. They are available for tens of millions of products and are always free.

amaozn dash buttons

Not only can you use the Dash Buttons online, but you can also order wi-fi connected Dash Buttons to keep around your home. Once simple click of the button and you can re-order your favorite products like toilet paper, detergent and toothpaste.

Free Kindle Book Per Month

When you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow up to 1 book a month in the Kindle Lending Library. You will need a Kindle or Fire device in order to download and read the ebooks.

There are a number of popular and best selling books but you may not find the biggest books available for free. This is because large authors have contracts and some publishers don’t allow Kindle Unlimited (since they don’t get any money).

Free Subscription to Washington Post

When you sign up to be an Amazon Prime Member, you get a free 6 month digital subscription to the Washington Post (they were acquired by Amazon). Get access to the Washington Post App and all the content.

Amazon Twitch with No Ads

Amazon Twitch is Amazon’s gaming center where you can play games, talk about games and watch other play video games every day. There are over 2 million streamers on Twitch and you can enjoy an ad-free experience just by being a Prime Member.

Not only do you get ad-free game play, but you will also get exclusive in-game loot and surpises every month.

Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon’s New Prime Pantry service is a store where Amazon Prime members can shop for household products like groceries, beverages and every day toiletries. The addition of Prime Pantry in Amazon has allowed them to expand their selection of items to offer 100,000’s of popular items for Prime Members.

save with prime pantry

With fulfillment centers all around the United States, Amazon Pantry can save you tons of money on your groceries by allowing you to buy bulk items and get free shipping.

Alexa Deals

Amazon Prime members can get exclusive discounts if you have a Alexa enabled device. Simply ask Alexa “What are your Deals?” and you will get great deals on best selling products on Amazon.

Prime Day Lightning Deals

During Amazon Prime Day, Prime Members will have exclusive access to Lightning Deals. On this day, non-Prime members will not have access to Lightning Deals or Prime Early Access Deals.

Amazon Household

what is amazon householdAmazon Household is the perfect service for Prime Members who want to share the benefits with their whole household. It also features a few other benefits that are great for the whole family.

Amazon Household was created to benefit Prime members who want to share their Prime benefits with the people they love the most, their family! It is a part of Amazon Family that gives you the ability to have a single Amazon entity for your entire family… that you can control.

Amazon Household can contain up to 6 members:

  • Two adults who both have their own Amazon accounts.
  • Up to four children for use on Amazon FreeTime (child profiles cannot shop or buy on Amazon).