46 Amazon Hacks To Save Loads Of Money

amazon hacks to save money

Amazon is the largest online retailer and features a long list of services they offer. Over the years, shoppers, deal finders and hackers have found some of the greatest hacks that can save you a $@#& load of money while shopping on Amazon.

Some of these hacks require that you have a prime membership so if you don’t already have one (come on, its 2017) then sign up for a free 30 day trial of Prime so that you can use these great hacks below. You will also get free 2-day shipping which is well worth the $99 a year you will spend on Prime.

Without further adieu, here are all the greatest Amazon hacks that you can use to save time and money shopping on Amazon:

Use Custom Search Parameters to Find Big Discounts

Although there may not be a sidebar with all the filters you want or need, you can add certain parameters to Amazon’s URLs to find items with the biggest percentage off.

For example, adding the below to the end of the URL when you are searching in Amazon will show items from 40-70% ofcof only:


If you want to show all items that are 50% off and up you would add the below parameters to the Amazon URL:


Note: Make sure to add the minus sign (-). This tells Amazon to show all items that are 50% off AND up. If you leave out the minus sign it will just show items that are 50% only.

Track Amazon Prices with Tracking Tools

Keeping track of prices on Amazon items you want will allow you to buy them when they are the cheapest. Amazon (and 3rd party sellers) are constantly changing prices to keep up with the market and competition. You can use Amazon Price Tracking Tools to keep a close eye on items you want.

keepa price history amazon tracker

Track past and present prices so you know where the price has been and you can make a guess on where it’s going. You can see in the example above, the product was once $300 but is currently discount to $50 which is a great deal.

Find Great Deals with Price Alerts

Most of the Price Tracking tools we talked about above feature Price Alert tools where you can tell the app to alert you (via email, text, phone or however you want) when an Amazon item reaches a certain price.

keep track amazon prices

Just pick the product you want to set an alert for and choose a price target to alert you when it reaches that price. If you want to learn more about price alerts and tracking tools, check out our post about 7 Tools for Tracking Amazon Prices which goes into deal on each tool and how to use them.

Amazon Coins for Free Apps

Amazon Coins are the digital currency used in apps and games on Amazon. You will get 500 coins for $4.90 and you will also get coins when you download apps.

To get more Amazon Coins, you can choose FREE No-Rush Shipping (explained below) and you will get more coins for downloading apps, games and more. Once you have the coins. they never expire and you can use them the same as cash in the Amazon Appstore.

Earn Credit for No-Rush Shipping

Prime members can earn big discounts by selecting no-rush shipping when purchasing select items on Amazon. Simply select FREE No-Rush Shipping instead of the free 2 day prime shipping and you will receive Amazon credits/discounts towards select Amazon items.

no rush shipping amazon

Rewards can be used for buying Amazon Videos, Music, eBooks, groceries, daily essentials from Prime Pantry, and a whole lot more.

To check your current No-Rush Rewards Summary, head to the No-Rush Credits page on amazon.

Check The Web For Cheaper Prices

Savings.com created a very helpful tool that will allow you to enter in a Amazon.com URL and it will scour the web to find a better price (if it can). It searches over 5,000 online retailers, Amazon 3rd pary sellers and stores to find the cheapest price on any product you enter in.

The PriceJump tool by Savings.com also comes in a browser extension if you are always checking for better deals.

Gift Card Exchange

Got a bunch of old gift cards laying around with $1.25 or some low amount not worth using again? Amazon now features a gift card exchange where you can upload any old gift cards (of pretty much any store) and you can redeem the money for Amazon cash.

So whether you found a gift card on the street or you have a huge collection of unused gift cards, you can add them to your Amazon account and get cash to shop on Amazon.

$10 Off Your First Order with Amazon Restaurants

Amazon is now competing with Gruhub to delivery food from a large number of restaurants. Sign up to Amazon Restaurants for free and get $10 off your first order of $20 or more. They have a huge list of top-rated restaurants all around the United States.

To sign up to Amazon Restaurants, you must be a Amazon Prime member and be in one of the provided zipcodes on the Restaurant page. Just enter in your zipcode to see if you are eligible to get restaurant delivery from Amazon.

Share Amazon Prime with Amazon Household

Amazon Household allows you to share your Prime account with your spouse as well as get a handful of other great benefits. You can add your kids to your Household account and they can watch content you allow.

amazon household guide

Price Drop Refunds (Amazon Price Protection)

If you purchase a television on Amazon and the price drops within 30 days of your purchase, you can get a refund of the price difference on Amazon. This method can only be used on televisions purchased from Amazon and not a 3rd party seller.

To redeem your price difference, simply contact Amazon and you will be refunded the difference.

Extra tip: Use a Amazon Price Tracking Tool to track the price when you purchase a TV and alert you if the price drops. This will allow you to get refunds without having to watch it everyday.

Free Prime Extension – Late Delivery Policy

Amazon Prime members can get 1 month of Prime for free (or sometimes up to a $10 credit to your account) if you do not receive your package within the 2-day Prime shipping time-frame. If this happens, simply hit up Amazon via phone, email or live chat and tell them that your shipment was late. They will credit your account or give you a free month of prime depending on how late your package was.

Save on Recurring Items with Subscribe and Save

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save service automates the purchasing and shipping of your most commonly used household products. The service features customizable, recurring delivery schedules, free shipping and no monthly fees.

When you Subscribe to receive a product, you will get a huge discount as well as free shipping. There are over 100,000 products eligible for the program in the following categories:

  • Groceries
  • Household supplies
  • Personal care products
  • Pet supplies
  • Baby care and food Items
  • Auto supplies
  • Health care items
  • Industrial and office supplies
  • Beauty products

Amazon Subscribe and Save can give you discounts from 5% to 15% and you can also get some great coupons using Subscribe and Save.

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3rd Party Sellers (no sales tax)

Amazon is not the only company selling items on Amazon. Almost any other company can sell their products on Amazon as well.

3rd Party Sellers will show if the product is not available through Amazon.com. You can also scroll way down to see all the 3rd party offers. You can usually get a good discount by purchasing from a 3rd party seller.

Worried about the quality of service? Its exactly the same as Amazon usually. Most suppliers keep their products in Amazon Fulfillment centers so the products are managed and shipped out by Amazon anyway.

There are two places to click to show the 3rd party sellers. Under the description and in the right sidebar:

amazon 3rd party sellers

You will then see the full offer listing and all the 3rd party sellers that are currently selling the product. You can see this item has a Warehouse deal that is used but the price is more expensive than the Amazon product that is new.

amazon third party sellers discounts

You can also just replace the ASIN in the URL below to see all offers for any product:


Get Huge Deals with Amazon Warehouse

Warehouse Deals are open-box, used or closeout items that are largely discounted. You can really find some amazing deals on items that are practically brand new… just returned or closeouts.

Some items are perfect for purchasing on Amazon Warehouse Deals like pre-owned games, back to school supplies and electronics. They feature a bargain bin that is super discounted… starting at 50% off of all items, you can get some really great deals here.

The bargain bin is as part of the Amazon Warehouse where everything is at least 50% off but most items are way more discounted than that. You can find anything from cell phone covers to kitchen tools to games. Make sure to check the item condition to see if its Like New and you can get some really great deals on practically brand new products.

Amazon Coupons

Amazon is not afraid to give its customers coupons and deals for brand name products. There are a handful of coupon sections you can find on Amazon that can give you great discounts on your favorite items.

Here is a full list of all the available Amazon Coupons:

2-for-1 Free Replacement Item

Have you ever received a damaged box or product from Amazon.com? Did you know that you can contact Amazon’s customer service and they will send you a replacement item free of charge? You can even ask them to send your item overnight and they often will.

A lot of the times, if the item is under $50, they will usually just send out a new item and let you keep the old (damaged) item. If your item can still be used then its like you get 2 products for the price of one!

Amazon Price Match

Amazon doesn’t say that they have an official price match policy but it it still possible to inform them of a lower price under the product details of any Amazon product. Now you can use a price tracker to monitor the product and you may notice that in a few days the price will be lowered.

Just fill out the ‘report an issue’ form that will popup when you click the product information link.

report amazon price issue

Inform them of the price and any proof you have that they are advertising the product at that price and its likely the price will go down on Amazon.

Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon now features Lightning Deals which are promotions for products that have a limited number of items left or sellers who want to offer a special deal for their product. Lightning Deals are available, one per customer, until the deal expires or the product runs out of inventory.

Lightning Deals are time-sensitive so its important to make your order quick if you find a deal you like. It could also run out of stock before you have time to buy it so you must watch out for this too.

When a lightning deal is ready, you will see:

  • The item featured in the Amazon Deal
  • The discount amount and final price
  • A percentage bar that shows the amount of claimed deals
  • A timer showing how long you have until the lightning deal is over
  • An add to cart button if there are available items

Get a State Tax Refund on Textbooks

If you are a student living in one of the following 14 states, you can get a tax refund for state tax applied to your textbook purchases:

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

Get the Best Deals To Your Mailbox Daily

Don’t have time to scour Amazon every day to find the best deals? Ninja Deals sends the biggest and best Amazon Deals, right to your mailbox every day! Get the best discounts on Amazon Warehouse Deals, Lightning Deals, Outlet Deals, Goldbox Deals and more.

It’s completely free to sign up and you can unsubscribe anytime. Get hand-picked deals to your mail daily and never miss the best deals on Amazon.

Prime Perk: FREE 6 Month Digital Subscription to Washington Post

When you sign up to be an Amazon Prime Member, you get a free 6 month digital subscription to the Washington Post (they were acquired by Amazon). Get access to the Washington Post App and all the content.

Bonus Tip: You will also get a reduction on the price of a subscription to the Washington Post after your free 6 month subscription runs out.

Buy Books Internationally… Cheaper

If you are buying books on Amazon, it may be worth checking out Amazon’s international websites. Believe it or not, you may be able to get the exact same books for much cheaper by buying them overseas.

amazon international books cheaper

Check these Internatinal Amazon Sites (if your in the US) for a better price on your favorite books:

Amazon Trade-In

The Amazon Trade-In Program allows you to sell items such as electronics, video games, DVDs, textbooks and more in exchange for Amazon Gift Cards. If you have a ton of unused items around your house that are still in good condition, you can make some great money trading items in to Amazon.

If you are already a member at Amazon, you can go to Amazon Trade-in and discover the value of your items. You may notice (creepily enough) that some of your owned items are already in there.

amazon trade in

Amazon says I can get over $205 bucks for my cell phone and a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that it knew I had… not bad!

Amazon Hack to Meet $35 Minimum for Free Shipping

Instead of buying an extra item that you don’t really want to meet the $35 free shipping minimum, you can just buy a gift card to a store or website that you shop from regularly. Or even better, you can just buy an Amazon gift card and then use it to make a future purchase.

This way you aren’t buying useless items just to meet the free shipping requirement. Your welcome…

Unlimited Storage with Prime

When you sign up as a Prime Member, you will get access to Amazon Drive which allows you to store unlimited files, photos and videos. Download the Amazon Drive app on your mobile device and access your files from anywhere around the World.

Save on Groceries with Prime Pantry

Amazon’s New Prime Pantry service is a store where Amazon Prime members can shop for household products like groceries, beverages and every day toiletries. The addition of Prime Pantry in Amazon has allowed them to expand their selection of items to offer 1000’s of popular items for Prime Members.

With fulfillment centers all around the United States, Amazon Pantry can save you tons of money on your groceries by allowing you to save on bulk items and a flat $5.99 fee for shipping.

There are over 100,000 products eligible for the Prime Pantry program in the following categories:

  • Groceries
  • Household supplies
  • Personal care products
  • Pet supplies
  • Baby care and food Items
  • Auto supplies
  • Health care items
  • Industrial and office supplies
  • Beauty products

Bonus Tip: Save even more on Amazon Pantry with the Amazon Pantry Coupons section where you can get instant savings on every day groceries.

Honey Extension for Amazon

Honey is a Chrome extension that can save you hundreds while shopping on Amazon. The Honey Extension monitors while you shop on Amazon and will automatically find and apply coupons while you shop.

honey amazon hack

When you checkout, Honey will apply the coupon codes that it finds to your order, resulting in a bigger discount. It will also recommended other 3rd party sellers that are selling items cheaper. This can save you big by purchasing items from 3rd party vendors on Amazon.

Buy ‘Like-New’ Used Items to Save Big

You can browse the Used/Open Box area in Amazon to find awesome deals on name brand products. Items in this area are mostly in great condition but maybe the box got damage in the shipping proccess or the customer open the box and realized they didn’t want the item.

example amazon warehouse deal

Their loss is your gain as you can pick up some great stuff for super cheap. Here are all the product conditions in Amazon:

  • New: Product has not yet been opened but the packaging has minimal damage. Often, these are products that had the package damaged during shipping. Super great way to score a great deal on perfectly new products.
  • Like New: This means that the item may have been pulled out of the package but then returned but the product works great. Amazon always test all returns to make sure that they are in working condition.
  • Very Good: Although the item has been tested and works flawlessly, it may have some cosmetic damage.
  • Good: The product has been tested and works but there may be missing accessories, pieces or it may have large cosmetic damage.
  • Acceptable: This means that the items work and have been tested but there are signs of wear or different packaging that may include 3rd party accessories.

Make sure to check the item condition to see if its Like New and you can get some really great deals.

Prime Members can Get Family Discounts with Amazon Family

Get 20% Off diaper subscriptions with you sign up with Amazon Family. If you are a Prime Member, you can enjoy all of benefits of Amazon Family like coupons, deals, Amazon FreeTime, Music, and Photo storage.

Bonus Tip: Start a baby Registry with Amazon Family and get 15% off.

Prime Perk: Get Millions of Songs with Amazon Music

Many Prime members don’t know that when you sign up as a Prime member, you will get access to Amazon Prime Music, where you will have access to over 2 million hit songs.

Access Prime music wherever you are and enjoy ad-free on-demand music from your favorite artists.

Bonus Tip: If you have a Amazon device like the Echo or Dot, you can upgrade to the Echo Plan for an extra $3.99/month which includes 10 million songs and Echo device integration.

Start a Baby Registry and Get a Free Welcome Kit

Not only will you get 15% off for starting a baby registry, but you will also get a Welcome Box that includes surprised for your baby that will vary by price. The Welcome Box has a value of $35 and has over 6,000 reviews on Amazon.

Get Free Amazon Instant Video

Prime members have instant access to Amazon Video, which is a service similar to Netflix where you can watch a large library of exclusive content, shows, movies and more.

Watch your videos wherever you go and enjoy HD content from almost any of your devices. Watch shows/movies from HBO, Showtime

Save Money Using Two Browsers

Sometimes Amazon will change its prices depending on if you are a Prime member or not. They have been known to increase prices for Prime users to compensate for the free 2-day shipping.

Try browsing Amazon on your computer as well as your laptop (signed out) or your mobile phone (signed out) and sometimes you can get a better deal without being a Prime Member. The item will take a little bit longer to ship, but it will be cheaper!

Get 5% Off with the Amazon Store Card

The Amazon Store card is Amazon’s [premier credit card with 6, 12, 24 financing terms and no annual fees. Shop Amazon with your store card and get 5% off on eligible purchases.

Bonus Tip: Sign up through here and get an instant $10 gift card upon approval of the Amazon Store Card.

Get 6 Months of Prime with a .edu Email

Amazon Prime Student is a special membership of Prime that allows students to receive the amazing benefits of Prime at a big discount. You will receive the free 2-day shipping for the 6 months but you wont get access to some benefits like Amazon Video, Audio and Storage.

Once you upgrade to the full Prime membership you can get access to these other benefits. As a Prime Student, you will also get a huge discount on Prime (50% to be exact) and get an instant $10 referral credit.

To sign up as an Amazon Prime Student, all you need is to have a .edu email. That means if you are a professor, grad student or whatever, you can still get the great Amazon Student benefits.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library for Free Ebooks

When you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow up to 1 book a month in the Kindle Lending Library. You will need a Kindle or Fire device in order to download and read the ebooks.

There are a number of popular and best selling books but you may not find the biggest books available for free. This is because large authors have contracts and some publishers don’t allow Kindle Unlimited (since they don’t get any money).

Free Shipping Finder

If you are trying to reach the $35 minimum exactly but are having a hard time finding a product that is that exact price you can use a tool like Filler Item, that will search the Amazon database for products with the exact price you enter.

So if you need $3 more to reach the free shipping on orders over $35 option, just search for items that are $3 and you will get a number of results for items you can add-on to reach the $35 and get free shipping.

Get Faster (and Cheaper) Shipping with Combined Orders

This is not guaranteed to work but it does most of the time…

Order each item separately (and within an hour window) and select normal shipping on all of them but one. On one of them items, buy the 1-day shipping option. Amazon will often combined your orders together to save on shipping cost.

If everything works out right, you will receive all of your items in one package, the following day.

Note: This works more with smaller items than a bunch of large items. Amazon needs to be able to combined them all in a box.

Use Amazon Smile to Donate .5% to Your Favorite Charity

Amazon Smile is a section of Amazon where you can shop normal products and services but there is just one difference. Every item you purchase, 5% is donated to the charity of your choice.

amazon smile hack

While this won’t actually save you any money, you can feel good about giving to your favorite charity. Simply head to Amazon Smile, Choose your Charity and start shopping!

Get Prime Free with Cell Phone Services

Want to get 12 months of free Amazon Prime? Sign up to a Sprint Wireless plan and choose the Better Choice XXL plan to get a free year of Prime. This works if you are already a Prime member as well.