7 Best Tools to Track Amazon Deals

There are over 480 million products on Amazon, up 235 million in just the past 16 months. That means that there are hundreds of thousands of deals and bargains that you may be missing out on.

Scouring Amazon page by page will take up so much of your time, its really not worth it.

In this article, I am going to talk about some of the best tools to track Amazon Prices and find the best Amazon deals online so you can save time AND money.

Ninja Deals

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If you are willing to put in some work, research and investigating, then you should try one of the tools below to track Amazon Prices.


Keepa is an advanced Amazon Price Tracker that includes comprehensive price history graphs, browser extensions, price drop and availability alerts. Currently, Keepa has over 109 million products in their database and over 22,000 users.

Keepa offers 3 different main services including Deals, Track and Apps:


The Deals section will show you any discounted Amazon items and their current price discount. You can find thousands of great deals on Keepa and they have a great filter system that makes scouring and finding the best deals a lot easier. You can search by new, used, refurbished, lightning deals and warehouse deals to find the biggest discounts.

keep amazon deal tracker

You can also filter by percent off, price off and sales ranks which makes finding the right deal super easy.


If you have a certain product in mind that you want to track the price of, Keepa is great for that. Simply sign up for free and start adding items to your tracking collection and you can see past and present price changes.

When you add a product to your tracking page, you can enter in a desired price and Keepa will alert you when/if the product reaches your desired price.

keep track amazon prices

When the price drops or reaches your desired goal, you can receive an alert in a number of different ways like:

  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • Web Push
  • Android App
  • Desktop Push Notifications
  • RSS Feeds

That way, you will never miss the best deal on certain products you want. When you reach your deal and buy your product, you can remove the item from your Tracking tab… and success! You got the best deal on certain Amazon products you had in your wishlist.

If you don’t want to login to keepa.com to track your Amazon prices, then you can simply download one of their apps and keep an even closer eye on your deals.


Keepa also offers a number of ways to use Keepa and keep track of your Amazon Deals.

They offer a Firefox Browser extension, Google Chrome extension, Opera Extension and of course, a phone app for free. These allow you to track your Amazon prices more closely and never miss a deal when it comes around.

If you are interested in learning more about Keepa’s browser extension, here is a great video that explains how to use it.


CamelCamelCamel may have a weird name, but its a super cool Amazon Price Tracker that monitors millions of products and alert you when prices drop.

Like Keepa, CamelCamelCamel allows you to watch certain Amazon Products for deals and price drops. It can also show you the biggest prices drops by a certain time period. This makes finding the newest deals really easy.

camelcamelcamel amazon price tracker

A cool feature of CamelCamelCamel is their Amazon Wishlist Synchronization which allows you to synchronize/import your Amazon Wishlist so you can track all your wishlist products and watch for price drops.

camelcamelcamel price history charts

They also have a price history section like Keepa, but theirs is a bit more organized and through. You can see all the previous price changes, when they were, and what the lowest one was.

You can even filter by date range and price type so you can find the best used prices on items you want. Browse for ‘like new’ items to get the biggest discounts and deals on your favorite Amazon products.

Check out our Amazon Warehouse Deals guide to see all the product conditions and how to find the biggest deals on the Amazon Warehouse.


The Tracktor

The Tracktor is another popular Amazon Price Tracking Tool that claims its the “fastest Amazon price tracker and history site’.

Their homepage features some top trending deals on Amazon by the biggest price drops. You can also view their top movers section to see the biggest price movements on Amazon.com

Here is an example of their movers page that shows the biggest price drops on New Amazon items:

the tracktor price movers

As you can see from the example, you can find some pretty big price drops. Some of the items listed are $100’s off which makes tracking the best Amazon Deals a breeze.

Try filtering by percent change to see the biggest percentage discounts sorted from high to low.

The Tracktor Amazon Price Tracking tool also has a browser extension if you want to keep a really close eye on the biggest movers and trending deals.

Slick Deals Price Tracker

Slick Deal’s Price Tracker can track any product online including Amazon.com products. Simply enter in the URL of the product you want to track prices for and the Slick Deals price tracker will constantly update the current price so you can see all the best deals around the web.

The Slick Deals Price Tracker supports about 50 popular online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Staples, Sears, Target and more.

Just enter in the URL of the product you want to track from one of the supported online stores and you can tracking all the latest changes, all time lows, all time highs, and you can even set an alert to send you an update when the product reaches a certain price you want.

slick deals price tracker deals

Once you add your items, Slick Deals will start tracking the prices everyday and your chart will update with all the historical and current prices for your chosen products.

The Fork Lift

The Fork Lift is a website that specifically track Amazon Warehouse Deals. Warehouse Deals are items that have been open but not used, closeouts and used items that are marked down significantly.

This site tracks the best warehouse deals live, on their website. Just click play at the top and watch the Amazon price update right before your eyes. It features a number of great tools to find the best Amazon Deals like filters, price alerts, category filters and a great browse section.

Like its other competitors, you can set price alerts to email you when certain products reach a certain price so you can’t miss the best deals. Unlike the other deal tracker websites, The Fork Lift can play a sound when a big deal drops. Set it up to make a sound when an item drops 80%+ and you will be sure to catch every great deal on Amazon.

the fork lift amazon price tracker

Another great feature of this deal tracker is that it shows you the condition of the items. Since there are a number of different product conditions, you can filter only the ‘Like New’ products or lightly used. This is how you can get the biggest deals and discounts on your favorite items.

Jungle Searches

Jungle Search is a service that allows you to do an advanced Amazon search using some search filters that even Amazon doesn’t provide, like percentage off range, and coupons included.

Simply choose your Genre (category) and fill out as many filters as you want. Here is an example of a search for Bluetooth Speakers that are over 70% off and under $50.

jungle searches advanced search

This will pull back all Bluetooth speakers that are under $50 and have a minimum price discount of 70%. Our example pulled back a large number of deals which was pretty impressive.

You can also search other online merchants as well for the best/lowest price possible.

Just choose “Prices From All Merchants” and it will look for the price range and percent off searches the lowest price available anywhere online, not just the Amazon price.

Wrapping Up

There are a number of great tools out there that allow you to track the best Amazon Deals and prices. They each have their own pros and cons but they all provide a really great service to deal finders and coupon lovers.

If you are tired of scouring Amazon or other tracker tools for the best deals, sign up to our exclusive service that sends only the biggest and best deals from Amazon, to your email every day. You will never miss the best deals on Amazon.