8 Tricks to Find the Best Gold Box Deals

Amazon’s Gold Box Deals are a specific type of deal on Amazon where you can save up to 99% off name brand products. Every day, Amazon adds the biggest and best deals from Amazon into their Gold Box section. There are thousands of products daily that can range from 1%-99% off.

The Gold Box has a few different sub sections of deals that you can find daily:

These deal sections each a great way to save on Amazon products. In this article I am going to show you the best tricks and tips to finding the biggest and best deals in Amazon’s Goldbox.

To find the Amazon Gold Box Deals, all you have to do is go to amazon.com and look towards to top nav for the link that says ‘Today’s Deals’.

todays deals amazon lightning deals

Once you are there, there are a number of ways to get the best deals:

Sort By Discount

In the top right corner of the Amazon Gold Box section, there is a dropdown filter that can help you find great deals. If you choose to sort by Discount – High to Low, you will see the biggest discounted items first in order to the lowest discounted items. This can help you find deals that are 90-99% off. Use this dropdown filter in conjunction witj the other filters below and you can find really big discounts!

amazon sort by discount

Use The Filters

There are currently 6 different filters on the sidebar that you can use to filter out products and really  find the best deals on Amazon.


The first filter is the department filter which allows you to filter the Gold Box deals by certain departments. If you are only wanting to look for deals in the Beauty section, then you can select that department and it will only show you deals for that Department.

department amazon filter

Choose as many departments as you want to filter only the products you want to see.Use it in conjunction with the other filters to get super targeted with your searches.

Deal Type

The next filter is a very important one. The deal type filter allows you to filter the deals by type. Here, you can select one deal type at a time to see the products in that deal type.

amazon deal type filter

You can select  Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, Savings & Sales, Coupons and Prime Early Access Deals. Each of these deal types are different and will provide a great discount on Amazon products. For more information on what each deal type is, check out our Ultimate Amazon Deals Guide.


The availability filter can show you either Active, Upcoming or Missed deals. The active deals will show you all the currently active Amazon Gold Box deals. Upcoming will show you Prime Early Access Deals and any upcoming deals that aren’t currently active. The missed deals filter will show you all the expired and claimed deals.

availability filter amazon

A great way to get good lightning deals is to only choose the upcoming deals and get early access to the deal before it goes live.


The price filter can show you products with certain price ranges from under $25 to $200 and above. Use the price filter in conjunction with other filters and you can really find some great Amazon deals in the $100 and up range.

amazon gold box price filter


The next filter down is the discount filter which will show you all the Amazon Gold Box Deals that have the chosen percentage off. If you want to only see deals that are 70% or more, then you can select ‘70% Off or More’ and it will only show deals with that discount or higher. To find the biggest deals choose 70% off and then sort by discount to find all the biggest discounted items.

amazon discount filter gold box

Avg. Customer Review

The Average Customer Review filter will only show deals with the chosen rating. If you only want to see the top rated deals, then choose the 4 stars and up filter and you will be shown only the the reviewed products. This is a great way to find big discounts on name brand and popular items.

amazon filter by reviews

Prime Early Access Deals

If you are an Amazon Prime member then you have access to see Prime Early Access Deals. These are lightning deals that are available 30 minutes early to Prime members. This way you can get the biggest deals before everyone else claims them and it runs out.

Bonus Tip: To filter by Prime Early Access Deals, choose the Lightning Deals AND Upcoming filters (maker sure active and missed filters are unchecked).

View Upcoming Deals

Like Prime Early Access Deals, you can also view other (non lightning) deals that are about to be featured in the Gold Box deals area.To view the upcoming deals, clear all the availability filters and choose ‘upcoming’. This will show you all the upcoming prime early access deals and normal gold box deals that you can watch or join the wait-list for.

Watch Deals

Amazon has now just added a feature when you can save future deals into a watched deals list. To find your watched deals list, just click on ‘Today’s Deals’ then ‘Watched Deals’.

amazon watched deals

This will show you a list of any deals you are watching and a link to download the Browser add-on so you can easily save deals from your browser.

To save deals in to your watched deals list, simply browse the Amazon Gold Box for a upcoming deal. You will see a button to add the item to your Watched Deals list. Click the button and your deal will be saved so you can easily see it.

You can also set up alerts so that once your deals go live, you can get a notification text or email.

Ninja Deals

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Goldbox Coupons

To get ever bigger discounts in the Amazon Goldbox section, you can look at the thousands of coupons for name brand items. The Amazon Gold Box Coupons sections features discounts from 20% to $5 off every day items.

amazon coupons gold box

They have items ranging from groceries to toys and everything in between. If you want to find the best deals, check the Gold Box coupon section first and sort by biggest discount to see the biggest coupons.

Custom URL Parameters

Although there may not be a sidebar with all the filters you want or need, you can add certain parameters to Amazon’s URLs to find items with the biggest percentage off.

For example, adding the below to the end of the URL when you are searching in Amazon will show items from 40-70% ofcof only:


If you want to show all items that are 50% off and up you would add the below parameters to the Amazon URL:


Note: Make sure to add the minus sign (-). This tells Amazon to show all items that are 50% off AND up. If you leave out the minus sign it will just show items that are 50% only.

Wrapping Up

There are a number of great ways to find the best discounts on Amazon Gold box items. The filters are a very powerful tool for finding deals if you like to dig around. If you don’t have the time or energy to look through thousands of products, try Ninja Deals and our team will scour Amazon for you and send you the best deals we find.