Amazon Ordering

How do I Cancel my Amazon Order?

Canceling your Amazon order is really simple… Just go to My account then My Orders. Click cancel items and then select which items you want to cancel. Once confirmed, click the Cancel Checked items button.

Cancel Items or Orders four step infographic based on topic steps

Your items will only cancel if they haven’t been entered into the shipping process yet. If your item has already shipped, you will have to go to the returns center to return it.

How to Return Amazon Orders

To return your Amazon order, simply go to the Returns Center in Amazon. Click the ‘return items’ button which will take you to the ‘Your Orders’ page.

Select which item you would like to return. On the next page you will be asked why you are return the item. Select a reason from the list:

why are you returning

Amazon will then ask how you want to get your money, whether its by Amazon Gift Card or my putting it back on the original payment method.

Select which options to want to and then you will need to choose how you want to send the item back. Currently, there are 4 different options for returning your item:

shipping methods amazon return

Once, you have chosen your shipping method, click the submit button and send the item back by the date Amazon requires and you will get your refund.

How to Use Visa Gift Card on Amazon

Using a Visa Gift Card on Amazon is really easy! All you have to do is checkout like normal but instead of adding a credit card number, add the number from your Visa gift card. You can even use gift cards with MasterCard, American Express or Discover logos on them.

How to Pay with Paypal on Amazon

Currently, You can not directory use Paypal to checkout on… BUT you can sign up for a Paypal Business or Personal Debit Card and you can use that as your method of payment on This way you are pretty much using your Paypal account to shop on Amazon.

How to Contact a Seller on Amazon

To contact a 3rd party seller on Amazon, you can proceed in two ways:

  1. Purchased Products
    1. Go to Your Account-> Orders
    2. Find the item you ordered and look for the contact seller button
    3. Click on the contact seller button to display the popup
    4. Fill out the fields to ask the seller a question or comment
  2. Un-bought Products
    1. Find a product and click on the sellers name
    2. Click The Ask Question Button
    3. Fill out the fields to ask a question

How to Pay Amazon Credit Card

To make a payment to your Amazon Credit Card, you must first create an account with Head to and login or set up an account.

Scroll down to locate your card and click the Pay Credit Card button. Once you verify the payment, click the Schedule Payment button and the payment will be credited to your account within 1-2 business days.

Does Amazon Price Match?

Amazon doesn’t say that they have an official price match policy but it it still possible to inform them of a lower price under the product details of any Amazon product. Just fill out the ‘report an issue’ form that will popup when you click the product information link.

report amazon price issue

Inform them of the price and any proof you have that they are advertising the product at that price and its likely the price will go down on Amazon.

Amazon Accounts

How to Log Out of Amazon

Logging out of Amazon is important if you are on a public computer or to just keep your account secure from others. To log out, simply look at the top menu under Account & Lists.

amazon my account log out

Click the dropdown and you will see a list of account options. Look at the very bottom and you will see the Sign Out link. Click this link and you will be signed out of Amazon.

amazon sign out log out

How to Delete an Amazon Account

Like most websites, Amazon makes it somewhat difficult to delete your account. If you are looking to completely remove your ifnormation from Amazons database, then follow this simple guide on how to delete your Amazon account.

First, head to and login to your account.

Go to the Contact Us area where you will be contacting Amazon to cancel your account.

In the first box on the contact page, select ‘Prime or Something else’

cancel account amazon step 1

In the second box a dropdown will appear where you can select an issue to resolve. Scroll down and find the Login and Security option and choose it.

cancel amazon account step 2

Another dropdown will appear to select the details of the issue. Find the ‘Close my account’ option and select it.

close amazon account step 3

A 3rd box will appear where you can choose with method you would like to contact Amazon and close your account with.

contact amazon close account step 4

If you choose email, a message box will popup where you can tell Amazon you want to cancel your account for good. Choosing phone will show a input box to add your phone number and Amazon will call you to confirm your cancellation. Lastly, the chat option will popup a chat box where you can talk to a Amazon rep online to cancel your account.

Its important to note that when you close your Amazon Account:

  • You won’t have access to other websites using your log-in (, certain international Amazon sites, etc.)
  • You won’t have access to your account history (including credit card information, order history, etc.)
  • Returns and refunds can’t be processed for orders on closed accounts (including textbook rentals)

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

To view your Amazon Gift Cards balance go to Your Account then click View Gift Card Balance or just click the link provided.

How to get Amazon Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a great way to allow your friends and family to buy whatever they want on Amazon. Amazon’s Gift Card section allows you to build the perfect gift card for any occasion.

You can give Amazon Gift Cards in three different ways:

  1. eGift: Send your gift card via email, text message or any Messaging app.
  2. Print-at-home Cards: Gift cards that you can simply print at home on your home printer.
  3. Mail Gift Cards: Send gift cards by mail.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

Have you ever wanted to earn money by referring customers to Amazon? With the Amazon Associates program, you can earn up to 10% in commission by referring customers to Amazon and buying through your link.

To get started, you need to head to Amazon Associates and create a free account.

How to Get Free Shipping on Amazon

There are a number of ways that you get receive free shipping on Amazon:

  1. Sign up for Amazon Prime and get free 2-day Shipping on most items.
  2. Use Amazon Subscribe and Save to get free shipping on recurring items.
  3. If you are trying to reach the $35 minimum exactly but are having a hard time finding a product that is that exact price you can use a tool like Filler Item, that will search the Amazon database for products with the exact price you enter.

How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

Did you know that you can receive free products from Amazon with Amazon Giveaways? That’s right… Amazon giveaways help sellers get more reviews, engage with their customers and create a marketing buzz. In turn, consumers can get free products just by entering to win.

Amazon Giveaways are free promotional contests where Amazon sellers can giveaway free products to customers by a number of different ways:

  1. Every X Wins: With this method, you will know right away if you won or not. For example, every 5000 sign up will win the giveaway.
  2. Random Selection: This method allows the seller to choose a random winner at the end of the promotion. They can last from 1 day to 30 days and you will be notified if you won.

How to Contact Amazon

There are numerous ways you can contact Amazon:

By Phone: 1 (888) 280-4331

Live Chat: Click To Chat

Amazon Services

How Much is Amazon Prime?

Amazon has a number of different pricing options you can choose from. If you are a student you can sign up for Amazon Prime Student and get 50% off your Prime membership. All you need is a .edu email address and you can sign up as a student. Here are all the current pricing plans for Amazon Prime and how much it cost:

Membership Type Price
Monthly $10.99
Yearly $99
Student Yearly $49
 Prime Video (monthly) $8.99


How to Cancel Amazon Prime

If you would like to end your Amazon Prime Membership you can visit the Amazon Prime Central area and click End Membership.

If you are trying to cancel your Amazon Prime trial, then click the Do Not Continue button to end your free trial.

How does Amazon Prime Work

Amazon Prime is a service provided by Amazon that currently (in 2017) has 80 million subscribers. Membership cost $99 per year or $10.99 a month and is like being a part of a special club at Amazon, where you can save on a ton of items…

How to share Amazon Prime Account

There is currently only one way to share Amazon Prime and it must be with your spouse. Amazon Household allows you to share Amazon Prime benefits with your spouse. You can also add your children so they have access to some of the Prime features. For more information on adding your spouse to your Amazon Prime account, check out our Amazon Household Guide.

How does Amazon Fresh Work?

Amazon Fresh is revolutionizing how we shop online. Not only can we get normal items on Amazon super fast, but now we can get our groceries (and now Whole Foods items) delivered right to our doorstep.

You can even sync your Amazon Alexa enable devices like Dot or Echo to take ordering commands straight from your voice!

If you run out of  tomatoes, simply tell Alexa, “Alexa, order some more tomatoes” and it will put it in your grocery basket on Amazon Fresh.

Using Amazon Fresh is pretty simple for anyone who has shopped online or on Amazon before.

Shop the Store

Simply shop the Amazon Fresh store for your favorite groceries, meal kits and Whole Foods items.

Reserve a delivery Time

Choose a day and time that you want to receive your Amazon Fresh order and it will be there, right on time. Amazon can delivery as soon as the same day.

Get Your Items

An Amazon Fresh delivery truck will delivery your fresh grocery items in chilled totes so that all your items are guaranteed fresh.

How to Cancel Amazon Fresh

To cancel your Amazon Fresh account you must do the following steps:

  1. Head to Your Account.
  2. Click the Manage Prime Membership link and you will see the Manage Fresh Add-on.
  3. Choose ‘End Membership’ to completely cancel your account and ‘Do Not Continue’ to cancel the free trial.

How does Amazon Trade-in Work?

The Amazon Trade-In Program allows you to sell items such as electronics, video games, DVDs, textbooks and more in exchange for Amazon Gift Cards. If you have a ton of unused items around your house that are still in good condition, you can make some great money trading items in to Amazon.

If you are already a member at Amazon, you can go to Amazon Trade-in and discover the value of your items. You may notice (creepily enough) that some of your owned items are already in there.

amazon trade in

What are Amazon Warehouse Deals?

What are Amazon Lightning Deals?

Amazon Lightning Deals are promotions for products that have a limited number of items left or sellers who want to offer a special deal for their product. Lightning Deals are available, one per customer, until the deal expires or the product runs out of inventory.

Lightning Deals are time-sensitive so its important to make your order quick if you find a deal you like.

What are Amazon Outlet Deals?

If you love bargain hunting and extreme deals, then the Amazon Outlet is the place for you. The outlet store on Amazon features the lowest prices on markdowns and overstocked items. You can find great deals on Accessories, Clothing, Electronics, Kitchen Gadgets and more.

Items can be up to 90% off and feature some great products at really good and affordable prices.

To find the Amazon Outlet section, click on Today’s Deals and you will see a sub navigation menu where you can click outlet.

amazon outlet deals

You can also click this link below to find the best Amazon Outlet Deals.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon’s newest and now most popular online Shopping holiday. On Prime Day, Amazon Prime  members get access to hundreds of thousands of amazing price cuts, discounts and free trials. Prime Day is actually held on different dates each year but its usually around July 10, 11 and 12th. It last about a week but the prime of the deals are on Prime Day.

On Prime Day, Amazon often offers free trials of all their services like Prime, Audible, Alexa, Music and movies. You can receive a free 30 day trial of these services or get great discounts if you are already subscribed to them.