Amazon Gifts Guide: Finding the Best Gifts

amazon gifts guide 2017

Amazon is one of the best places online to find great gifts for friends, family and loved ones. If you are having trouble trying to think of the best gift then you should check out Amazon’s plethora of tools to find great gifts.

In this article, I am going to show you some great ways to find the best gifts on Amazon for whatever the occasion.

Amazon Gift Finder

The Amazon Gift Finder is a section developed by Amazon that makes finding a gift for any occasion much easier. To start using the Amazon Gift Finder, head to the Gift Finder tool and select who you will be shopping for.

amazon gift finder shopping for

Now you will be able to filter even more based on what you selected before. You will need to know a little bit about your giftee to know what sort of categories of products they would be interested in.

Start selecting categories to see products they may like:

amazon gift finder gifts for women

There are a few more options you can select to get even more specific…

Select if you are a Prime member to see only Prime products with free 2-day shipping. You can then select whether you want to see all prices or a maximum price for your gifts.

amazon gift finder filters

Now you can browse the gifts that Amazon comes up with. To see more detail on the item, simply click on it like a normal Amazon listing.

amazon gift finder tool

The nice thing about the gift finder is that there is no paging so that the list will just keep scrolling to show tons of great customized gift ideas in your price range.

Amazon Most Gifted

Amazons Most Gifted Gifts can show you the most popular products ordered as gifts. This area is updated daily so the top gifted items are current and up-to-date.

Use the category drill down menu on the left to see the most gifted items in each category.

Now you can view the top 100 most gifted items and find a great gift that you know others will enjoy.

electronics gift ideas amazon

You can also browse the right column which shows you more areas to explore in the Gift Ideas section:

  • Best Selling Products: Shows the best selling products on Amazon, in order.
  • Newly Released Products: Shows the newest released products on Amazon.
  • Movers & Shakers: Shows products that have moved up or down a lot in the Sales rank.
  • Most Wish For Products: Shows the products that are added to Wishlists the most.

Amazon Most Wished For

The Most Wished For page on Amazon will show you the products that are added to Wishlists and Registries the most. This area is updated daily so you will get really up-to-date gift ideas.

Similar to the most gifted area, you can browse most wished for products by department or category. Drill down to specific categories to see the most wished for products of your choice.

most wished for amazon

Amazon Best Sellers

The Best Sellers area will show you all the best selling items on Amazon. These most popular products are categorized by department so you can get really specific about the types of best sellers you want to see. Choosing gifts from the best sellers area is a great way to be sure you are giving a great gift.

You will notice that a lot of Amazon products are listed in the Top sellers, which may or may not be a coincidence. But as you scroll you will find more best sellers in all different departments.

Amazon Gift Lists

Did you know that you can create gift list and share them with your friends and family from Facebook?

The Wishlist Registry at Amazon allows you to connect Facebook and create wishlists, ideas list and more. Access your lists from any Alexa devices, Alexa App and Each list can contain up to 100 items

You can share your list with friends or family so they just exactly what you get you for a gift on any occasion. Any¬†Adults in your Amazon Household¬†account can add or edit items on your lists. Currently, there isn’t a way to create separate lists for each household member.

Here’s how it works:

Head to the Wishlist Registry on Amazon.

amazon gift lists

Now you can start creating a gift list of your choosing. You can create the following lists:

  • Shopping List: Shopping list are good for items you are going to buy later.. like for Christmas or maybe a grocery shopping list.
  • Wish List: Wish lists are for items that you wish you had. This will let people know which gifts you want.
  • Idea List: Idea lists are public list that are shared with the Amazon Community.

Create a Shopping List

Shopping lists are perfect for saving items you want to buy later. If you find yourself adding items to your cart to save them, then Shopping lists are for you. They allow you to save items in a list without having to add them to your cart.

To get started, click the create a list link at the top of the List Center.

amazon create a list

A popup will appear where you can start creating your list. Select shopping list, choose a descriptive list name and then choose whether you want ti to be public or private.

create a list amazon

Click ‘Create List’ and now your list will be saved in your List Center. You can now shop on Amazon and click ‘Add to list’ on any product to save the item in your newly created list.

add to shopping list amazon

Now the item will be held in your shopping list and ready to buy whenever you are. When you are ready to purchase the item, head to your List center and add the item to your cart. Its that simple!

But what if you want to create a list that your friends and family can see; allowing them to choose gifts that you want.

Create a Wish List

For this example, I am going to create a Christmas wish list that I am going to share with my friends and family so they know exactly what I want this year.

Create a name for your wish list and select if you want it to be private or public. You can always go back and change your settings in the List Settings area.

create a wishlist amazon

Now that your wish list is created, you can simply add items to it and they will be saved in there for the future or sharing.

On any product, select ‘Add to List’ and you will see your newly created list (and all your other lists).

amazon add to wish list

Choose which list to add the product to and it will now be saved in that list. You can view all your lists and items back in the Wish List center.

amazon wish list items

Create a Idea Lists

Idea lists are a pinterest-type of lists, where you can save/pin items to your list to share with the Amazon Community.

For this example, lets say we want to create a public list for Kids Christmas Gifts 2017. We will add all the coolest and best gifts for children this upcoming Christmas.

Go to the List Center and choose Idea Lists.

create amazon idea list

Click start a new idea list and choose a List name and a List description (which is optional).

new idea list amazon

Now you can start adding products to your Idea Lists by browsing items, clicking add to list and selecting your idea list. Its just the same as the other types of lists.

When you start adding items to your idea list, they will be organized in a pinterest style layout, where you (and other Amazon members) can comment on each item, see all prices and share your list (after its published).

manage amazon idea list 2017

When you are done adding items to your idea lists, its time to publish it to Amazon and the World.

Click the big green publish link at the top of the Idea List.

publish amazon idea list

Once you publish your list, you can share it with your friends and family. Simply copy the share link and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or send it via email.

idea list published

Connecting Facebook

Add your friend connections from Facebook to Amazon will allow you to get notifications of your friends birthdays, see their list and share your own lists with friends and family members.

To get started, go to the Friends & Family Gifting Center in Amazon.

amazon friends and family gifting facebook

When you are ready to start adding your friends and family, click the ‘Find friends on Facebook’ button.

A popup will appear that list all your Facebook friends. You can see who has Amazon Wishlists and their birthday. Start selecting friends and family you want to share lists and your birth date with.

add facebook friends amazon

If you want Amazon to email you a reminder 2 weeks before your selected friends birthdays, select the checkbox at the bottom.

Once your friends are added, you will be able to see them in your Friends and Family Gifting list. It will show their birthdays, how long away it is and you can even view their profile and gift ideas to see what items they like on Amazon.

amazon friends birthday

If you want to add your own occasion to your friends profile, you can click Add an Occasion and it will allow you to set up a custom occasion like Graduation or a Wedding.

amazon add an occasion

Set an email reminder to email you at a set time before the event so you don’t forget!

You can now shop on Amazon and add any item to your friends gift ideas and it will save them into your friends and family gifting center.

Amazon Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a great way to allow your friends and family to buy whatever they want on Amazon. Amazon’s Gift Card section allows you to build the perfect gift card for any occasion.

You can give Amazon Gift Cards in three different ways:

  1. eGift: Send your gift card via email, text message or any Messaging app.
  2. Print-at-home Cards: Gift cards that you can simply print at home on your home printer.
  3. Mail Gift Cards: Send gift cards by mail.

amazon gift card types

Not only can you send Amazon Gift Cards in a number of ways, but you can also get gift cards for any occasion…

amazon gift cards by occasion

There are thousands of designs, videos, graphics and boxes you can send for just about any occasion. Whether your sending by egift, mail or in person, you will find a customized gift card that is perfect for the occasion.

gift cards by brand amazon

If you want to get a gift card to their favorite restaurant, shopping store or hundreds of other businesses, you can shop gift cards by brand. They have pretty much any store you can think of, so check out Amazon to get really specific with your gift card giving!


Wrapping Up

In conclusion. Amazon should be your first visit if you are looking to get the perfect gift for someone. With their great tools to find the best gifts, you know that they will love what they get.

It’s also very useful for saving your own wish lists and gifts so other people can get you the items you want for any occasion.