Amazon Prime Pantry: 9 Ways to Save Big

9 ways to save with amazon pantry

Amazon’s New Prime Pantry service is a store where Amazon Prime members can shop for household products like groceries, beverages and every day toiletries. The addition of Prime Pantry in Amazon has allowed them to expand their selection of items to offer 100,000’s of popular items for Prime Members.

With fulfillment centers all around the United States, Amazon Pantry can save you tons of money on your groceries by allowing you to buy bulk items and get free shipping.

Amazon Pantry is not like the rest of Amazon. It’s more like a virtual pantry where you can add grocery items you need as they run out at home. When you add items to your Pantry, it will fill up a pantry box that can hold up to 45 pounds. Once your box is filled, you can ship your items out and save big by bulk buying your groceries.

Amazon Pantry has a flat rate shipping fee of $5.99 or you can bundle 5 qualifying items and you will get free shipping on your Pantry Box which makes getting your groceries fast, cheap and easy.

prime pantry items

You can shop from a number of categories like:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Household & Pets
  • Beauty & Grooming
  • Wellness & Healthcare
  • Coupons & Deals

Just by using Prime Pantry, you can save a lot of cash… but there are even more ways to save on Prime Pantry that you may not know about…

Buy 5 Items and Get $6 Savings

Amazon Prime Pantry has a new deal where you can save $6 buying 5 select items. These are every day household items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies or food. Just go to this page and choose 5 select items to get $6 off your order.

buy 5 save 6 prime pantry

Your Pantry Doesn’t Have to Be 100% Full

Many people believe that you have to fill your Amazon Pantry up to 100%. You actually don’t get any discounts by filling your Pantry up to 100% unless you have added 5 eligible items for free shipping.

Track Amazon Prime Pantry Prices

Another great way to get the cheapest items in Amazon Prime Pantry is to track items that you want to save really big on. Use one of the many popular Amazon Price Trackers and add your favorite grocery items to see when they are the cheapest and when to wait to buy.

You can also set them up to alert you when your items reach a certain price or drop a certain percentage.

Shop For Clearance Items

If you didn’t know, Amazon Prime Pantry has a Clearance section where they feature tons of great deals on makeup, beverages and personal products. These items are whiles supplies last so get them while you can at these prices. You can sometimes find items up to 90% off in the clearance section.

[clickToTweet tweet=”You can sometimes find items up to 90% off in the clearance section.” quote=”You can sometimes find items up to 90% off in the clearance section.”]

Wait for Free Shipping

If you are patient, then you can save a lot of money on your Amazon Prime Pantry shipping. Usually about once or twice a month, Amazon features free shipping if you buy up to 5 select items. When you bundle these 5 items, you will get free-shipping on your Prime Pantry order.

This means that you will save an extra $5.99 on your Pantry. Amazon spends about $7 billion a year on shipping cost so you know that they are giving away a ton of great shipping deals.

Use Prime Pantry Coupons

Amazon features thousands of coupons and a handful of specific coupon sections. There is a specific section for Amazon Prime Pantry coupons that allow you to clip and save on your favorite Pantry items.

Amazon Pantry Deals has 20+ pages of coupons where you can save up to $5.00 on household items. Just take a quick peek at the coupons to see if you can save on any of your regular items.

You can also view if items have coupons available on the product detail page of select Prime Pantry items:

prime pantry coupons

Be Patient

Amazon is always running deals and specials for Amazon Prime Pantry. Be patient and wait for the big deals to come in around 20-30% off. If you can find a good deal on Amazon, add coupons and some pantry credits, you can save quite a bit on your orders.

Just remember that there is always gonna be a deal or special running so wait for the really good ones to save the most.

Earn Pantry Credit

Did you know that you can get free credits to buy stuff from the Amazon Prime Pantry? First, you must be an Amazon Prime member…

Once you are a member, you can choose no-rush shipping on select prime orders and get a $5.99 Prime Pantry credit for selecting the slower shipping.

If you are not in a hurry to get your item, then always choose no-rush shipping and you can really build up a nice amount of credits to save big on your groceries.

Amazon Subscribe & Save

subscribe and saveAmazon’s Subscribe and Save service automates the purchasing and shipping of your most commonly used household products. The service features customizable, recurring delivery schedules, free shipping and no monthly fees.

When you Subscribe to receive a product, you will get a huge discount as well as free shipping. There are over 100,000 products eligible for the program in the following categories:

  • Groceries
  • Household supplies
  • Personal care products
  • Pet supplies
  • Baby care and food Items
  • Auto supplies
  • Health care items
  • Industrial and office supplies
  • Beauty products

Amazon Subscribe and Save can give you discounts from 5% to 15% and you can also get some great coupons using Subscribe and Save.

Bonus Tip: Pay no Sales Tax

In select states, you do not have to pay local sales tax when buying through Amazon Prime Pantry. This can help save you a ton of money on taxes at the grocery store because you don’t have to pay the extra tax on Amazon. On average this can save you about 3-5% on all your orders (depending on your local state tax).

Do you know any other great ways to save more on Amazon Prime Pantry? Comment below and let us know…