Ultimate Amazon FAQ

ultimate amazon faq

In this extensive Amazon FAQ, you will find almost every question you have about Amazon answered. Whether you want to cancel your prime membership or contact a seller, the answer is right here. If you have any question you would like added, please ask below and we will answer it.

17 Benefits of Amazon Prime You Didn’t Know

17 benefits of amazon prime

Amazon Prime is one of the biggest subscription services in the World with over 80 million estimated users currently. With free 2-day shipping why would you not have Amazon Prime? But did you know there are ton of more great benefits to using Amazon Prime? In the article, I am going to explain all the […]

What is Amazon Fresh?

what is amazon fresh

Amazon Fresh was first introduced in 2007 in Seattle as a grocery delivery and pickup services provided by Amazon. Customers can now order from more than 500,000 items with same-day delivery. In order to be eligible to use Amazon Fresh, you must have a Prime Membership as well as be located in one of the […]

46 Amazon Hacks To Save Loads Of Money

amazon hacks to save money

Amazon is the largest online retailer and features a long list of services they offer. Over the years, shoppers, deal finders and hackers have found some of the greatest hacks that can save you a $@#& load of money while shopping on Amazon. Some of these hacks require that you have a prime membership so […]

What is Amazon Flex?

what is amazon flex

Chances are you have never heard of Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex was released in 2015 but has been growing organically for the last 2 years. Flex is a service provided by Amazon where every day people can make from $18-$25/hour delivery packages for Amazon. Currently, Amazon Flex is only available in 13 cities but will soon be a service that almost anyone can make money doing.

What is Amazon Household?

what is amazon household

Amazon Household is the perfect service for Prime Members who want to share the benefits with their whole household. It also features a few other benefits that are great for the whole family. In this article, I am going to tell you all about Amazon Household, how it works, how to use it and the great benefits you can get using it.