The Ultimate Amazon Deals Guide was founded on July 5, 1994 which is almost exactly 23 years ago. Since its inception it has grown to one of the largest online e-commerce retailers (and companies) in the entire World. With the introduction of Prime Memberships, you can now get your items super-fast and totally free (besides the yearly payment).

Being the largest online retailer, it can often be cumbersome to find all the best deals and bargains on That is why Ninja Deals teamed up to create this ultimate Amazon Deals Guide that will go in-depth with all the types of Amazon Deals, Best Times to Buy, Holiday Deals and useful shopping tools to find the best product deals on Amazon.

Amazon currently offers the following products and services:

On most holidays, Amazon often gives huge deals and discounts on these products and services since they are their core products. For example, this last Prime Day, Amazon has huge discounts and free memberships to Amazon Music, Fire TV and Amazon Prime.

Amazon Deal Types

Amazon also has a few different deal types that feature different types of deals and discounts. Most Amazon shoppers don’t know that you can actually find these deals pretty easy.

Simply head to and look for the ‘Today’s Deals’ link in the header navigation menu.

amazon todays deals

On the deals page, you will find a large list of great discounted items everyday. Here, you can browse deals of the day, lightning deals, warehouse deals and more. To get these items to your email everyday, sign up for Ninja Deals free and get the all the best deals to your mailbox.

Amazon Deal of the Day

The deal of the day is a popular deals section of Amazon where they feature a super deal of the day. This is often a highly discounted product (usually over 75%) that is only discounted for the day. Once the item is sold out, the deal is over and the next deal comes up. To view the deal of the day, you can click today’s deals then find deal of the day on the left menu under Deal Types.

amazon deal of the day

The Amazon Daily Deals section shows you the best deal on Amazon, each day. Usually the Amazon Daily Deal is one product that is super discounted for a limited time. Sometimes, there are mulitple deals of the day but they are each a really great deal.

Amazon Daily Deals are usually about 40-70% off the original items price and are often a best seller on Amazon so you know its a quality product.

amazon daily deals

The Deal of the Day on Amazon is often under $100 so they are affordable.

You can also click the link below to see the current deal of the day on

Amazon Deal of the Day

Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon Warehouse Deals are somewhat new to Amazon but they are a great way to get the best deals and discounts on thousands of Amazon products. Warehouse deals are products Amazon has that have been returned or are open-box items. Although they are (slightly) used or just open-box, items are still high quality and in working order.

Some items are perfect for purchasing on Amazon Warehouse Deals like pre-owned games, back to school supplies and electronics. They feature a bargain bin that is super discounted… starting at 50% off of all items, you can get some really great deals here.

You actually can’t access the Warehouse deals from the side menu or navigation bar but we have provided a direct link to Amazon’s Warehouse Deals section.

See Warehouse Deals

Amazon Prime Early Access Deals

Amazon Prime is a membership where you can get FREE two-day shipping on eligible purchases, as well as unlimited streaming movies, videos and TV shows. You also have the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Lending Library. Prime currently cost $99 a year or $10.99 a month which is well worth the money for free two day shipping on most items.

prime early access deals

As a thank you to Prime customers, Amazon has a Prime Deals section, where you can get great deals on Prime products. Note that this is different than Amazon Prime Day which we will get into further detail below.

The Prime Early Access section gives Prime members 30-minute early access to the best lightning deals on Amazon. This allows you to get the latest deals before anyone else is able to even see them. Too view Amazon Prime Early Access Deals, follow the link below.

See Amazon Prime Early Access Deals

Amazon Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are somewhat new to Amazon but they are super popular and a great idea for getting great deals on Amazon. Amazon Lightning Deals are promotions offered in limited quantity for only a shirt period of time. Lightning Deals are time-sensitive so make you get them quick before they run out.

To view Amazon Lightning deals, click on Today’s deals, then look for the lightning deals link on the left sidebar.

amazon lightning deals

Lightning Deals can last anywhere between 5 minutes to 5 hours and really matters how much of the items are claimed. Once the item runs out, they will remove it from the lightning deals section.

When a lightning deal is available you will l see the following:

  • The item featured in the deal.
  • The promotional discount amount and final price (not including tax).
  • A status bar indicating the percentage of deals that have already been claimed.
  • A timer showing how long you have to add the item to your Cart and claim the promotional discount.
  • An “Add to Cart” button if there are available promotional discounts.

On Amazon Prime Day all lightning deals are exclusive to Prime Members and can have discounts as much as 90% off!

View Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon Outlet Deals

If you love bargain hunting and extreme deals, then the Amazon Outlet is the place for you. The outlet store on Amazon features the lowest prices on markdowns and overstocked items. You can find great deals on Accessories, Clothing, Electronics, Kitchen Gadgets and more.

Items can be up to 90% off and feature some great products at really good and affordable prices.

To find the Amazon Outlet section, click on Today’s Deals and you will see a sub navigation menu where you can click outlet.

amazon outlet deals

You can also click the link below to find the best Amazon Outlet Deals.

View Amazon Outlet Deals

Digital Deals

Amazon’s Digital Deals feature great discounts and savings on popular digital items like Amazon Audible, Kindle Books, Software, Games, Music, Downloads and more.

To find the digital deals section, click the Today’s Deals link at the top and you will see a sub menu to the right where you can click Digital Deals.


amazon digital deals

Once you are on the Digital Deals page, you can choose from a number of digital download sections. Most of the items in this area can be up to 80% off or more.

If you are a gamer or entertainment fan, then the Digital Deals page is a great way to save a ton on your digital downloads. Get the best games, software and music, all for super low prices.

See Amazon Digital Deals

Woot! Deals

Woot is a popular daily deal website that has been bought out by Amazon, which features a single discounted product each day.. often a piece of computer hardware or electronic gadget. Woot! Deals are perfect for the tech fan looking to get a great deal on electronics.

To find the Woot! Deals page, click the ‘Today’s Deals’ link and look for the Woot! Deals link on the sub navigation menu.

amazon woot deals

Once there, you will see a single product, with a timer that shows you when its going to expire. Woot! deals are usually pretty discounted… I would say around 25-50% off usually. But they are usually recondition or refurbished so you can get the biggest discount possible.

View Amazon Woot Deals


Amazon is known for its great online deal Holidays like Prime Day and Cyber Monday. They have created these popular holidays to give out crazy deals and increase sales. We are going to talk about each Amazon Holiday, what it is and how to get the best discounts.

Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is Amazon’s newest and now most popular online Shopping holiday. On Prime Day, Amazon Prime ¬†members get access to hundreds of thousands of amazing price cuts, discounts and free trials. Prime Day is actually held on different dates each year but its usually around July 10, 11 and 12th. It last about a week but the prime of the deals are on Prime Day.

On Prime Day, Amazon often offers free trials of all their services like Prime, Audible, Alexa, Music and movies. You can receive a free 30 day trial of these services or get great discounts if you are already subscribed to them.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Black Friday isn’t necessarily an Amazon created Holiday but its the 2nd largest online deals Holiday. Black Friday is the Friday after thanksgiving where families all around the United States wake up early and shop for the best deals on Christmas presents.

Amazon has capitalized on this Holiday and offers some insane deals throughout the day on Black Friday. Why wake up at 3 am to go shopping in the cold when you can now just login to Amazon whenever you’d like and get the same deals.

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is a newer holiday that was created to give the biggest discounts for tech and cyber items. Cyber Monday is the Monday after thanksgiving (and black Friday) and has grown to be a very large day for deals and discounts online. Amazon always has huge price slashes and discounts on Cyber Monday, and it only gets better every year.

Cyber Monday is now celebrated all throughout the World and is driving serious online discounts and promotions. Watch out for Cyber Monday 2017 on November 27, to be one of the biggest ones ever.


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