What Are Amazon Warehouse Deals?

Amazon Warehouse Deals is a not a widely known part of Amazon. The site is so large its often hard to find everything. That is why we build this guide for finding the best deals on Amazon.

Warehouse Deals are open-box, used or closeout items that are largely discounted. You can really find some amazing deals on items that are practically brand new… just returned or closeouts.

To find Amazon’s Warehouse Deal section, click on the Today’s Deals link at the top of Amazon.com.

todays deals amazon lightning deals

Once on the deals page, you will see a sub menu that has a link to Open Box & Used which is the Amazon Warehouse section.

amazon warehouse deals

You can also just click below to go to the Amazon Warehouse Page:

Amazon Warehouse Deals

Some items are perfect for purchasing on Amazon Warehouse Deals like pre-owned games, back to school supplies and electronics. They feature a bargain bin that is super discounted… starting at 50% off of all items, you can get some really great deals here.

The trick is to do some good searching to find the best discounted items. They don’t give you much as far as category drill-downs so you kind of have to know what your looking for or be ready for a lot of paging.

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Amazon Warehouse Bargain Bin

The bargain bin is as part of the Amazon Warehouse where everything is at least 50% off but most items are way more discounted than that. You can find anything from cell phone covers to kitchen tools to games.

Make sure to check the item condition to see if its Like New and you can get some really great deals.

Here is an example of a Warehouse Deal for some Wireless Bluetooth Headphones that have damaged packaging:

example amazon warehouse deal

Amazon Warehouse Product Conditions

There are a variety of product conditions and I recommended only purchasing items that are New or Like New. If you are looking for even bigger bargains, you can look for products with other conditions. Here are all the product conditions in Amazon:

  • New: Product has not yet been opened but the packaging has minimal damage. Often, these are products that had the package damaged during shipping. Super great way to score a great deal on perfectly new products.
  • Like New: This means that the item may have been pulled out of the package but then returned but the product works great. Amazon always test all returns to make sure that they are in working condition.
  • Very Good: Although the item has been tested and works flawlessly, it may have some cosmetic damage.
  • Good: The product has been tested and works but there may be missing accessories, pieces or it may have large cosmetic damage.
  • Acceptable: This means that the items work and have been tested but there are signs of wear or different packaging that may include 3rd party accessories.

Browsing the bargain bin for New and Like New products is a great way to get great deals on Amazon.

Another great thing about the Amazon Warehouse is that most items are Amazon Prime and stored in their Fulfillment centers. This means you will get your items really fast and with free shipping!