What is Amazon Family?

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Amazon Family is the perfect service for expecting families and families with young ones. It includes some great services that make parenting much easier and a lot cheaper. It comes with a standard Amazon Prime membership and can help you save on a lot of kids items.

What is Amazon Family?

Amazon Family is a service provided by Amazon that gives exclusive benefits and services to families. If you are are already an Amazon Prime member then you can sign up for Amazon Family free as its included in your Prime membership.

Amazon Family allows you to save on items you will need throughout your child’s life. Simply create a profile for your child and explore exclusive deals for items they will need at their age.

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Amazon Family Benefits

When you sign up to Amazon Family you also get a ton of exclusive benefits that make growing a family easier:

Exclusive Baby Registry Benefits

Joining Amazon Household gets you awesome deals when you submit your baby registry. You will get a 15% discount on registry items, a free Welcome box and access to exclusive deals for your baby and children.

You can shop over 270,000 baby items and add items from any store or online website, all on one easy to manage place. They also offer a 90-day return policy so if you get something you weren’t expecting, you can send it right back.

Great Coupons and Deals for Families

Amazon Family coupons are an awesome way to save on laundry detergent, diapers, granola bars and everyday essentials that you need for your family. Just by signing up you will get 20% off diapers and baby food subscriptions.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

amazon freetime unliminted

Not only do you get great deals, but you also get access to Amazon FreeTime which is a subscription service for kids that gives them access to thousands of kid-friendly games, apps, movies, TV shows, books and more. For Prime members, you can get access to FreeTime for an additional $2.99 per month for an ad-free experience for your kids.

Amazon Videos

Stream thousands of popular TV shows, movies, cartoons and more. With Amazon Videos, you can watch your favorite shows wherever you go. The whole family can now enjoy watching what they want, on whatever device they want! Amazon Videos works with Roku, Android, iPhone, iPad, Fire TV, Fire stick, PlayStation, Xbox and more.

Amazon Household

Amazon Household was created to benefit Prime members who want to share their Prime benefits with the people they love the most, their family! It is a part of Amazon Family that gives you the ability to have a single Amazon entity for your entire family.. that you can control.

Amazon Music

Get access to over a million songs, playlists and stations wherever you go! Whether your on a Family road trip or just hanging out around the house, you can listen to unlimited hours of ad free music with Amazon Music.

Amazon Family Vault

Family Vault is a part of Amazon Prime Photos where all Prime members have access to. View your photos anywhere and even create custom prints and photos with your saved digital pictures.

Amazon Family Library

Is your family a big reading family? The Amazon Family Library is for kindle families who want to share e-books with other members of their family. To create a Amazon Family Library, you will need to set up a Amazon Household with your spouse and children.

How Much can You Save with Amazon Family?

You can save a ton on child products, diapers, food and more. The Amazon Family Coupon center has hundreds of coupons and deals for the best products for your young ones. Find items up to 30% off and save big on everyday items for baby and child care.

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As I mentioned before, you can also get big discounts when you sign up for the baby registry. You will get specific coupons for family related products like diapers and food.

Getting Started with Amazon Family

Its really easy to get started using Amazon Family. Head to the Amazon Family page and if you already have a prime membership, you can start adding your family members right away. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, you will need to start a 30 day free trial and sign up.

How to Add Family Members to Amazon Family

Now that you are ready to start adding members to Amazon Family, you can go to the Amazon Family homepage and start adding your child’s name, birthday and gender. If you don’t want your child’s name online, then you can just use a nickname or fake name.

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Once you create your child’s profile, you will see a sidebar on the left with a ton of child-based services and products by amazon.

Here you can explore products that are perfect for you child’s age, get fresh baby gear, baby food, children’s books and more.

How to Add Family Members to Your Prime Account

If you are looking to add an adult or children to your Amazon Prime account, you will need to check out Amazon Household where you can add up to one spouse and up to four children. They will share the Prime benefits and you can even control what your children can do and see.