What is the Amazon Pantry?

Amazon’s new Prime Pantry is a innovative service from Amazon for Prime Members that allows you to bundle household items and save big on bulk buying.

In the article I am going to explain what Amazon Pantry is, how to use it and some great tips to find the best Amazon Pantry deals.

What is Amazon Prime Pantry?

Amazon’s New Prime Pantry service is a store where Amazon Prime members can shop for household products like groceries, beverages and every day toiletries. The addition of Prime Pantry in Amazon has allowed them to expand their selection of items to offer 100,000’s of popular items for Prime Members.

With fulfillment centers all around the United States, Amazon Pantry can save you tons of money on your groceries by allowing you to buy bulk items and get free shipping.

What Can You Buy in Amazon Prime Pantry?

There are over 100,000 products eligible for the Prime Pantry program in the following categories:

  • Groceries
  • Household supplies
  • Personal care products
  • Pet supplies
  • Baby care and food Items
  • Auto supplies
  • Health care items
  • Industrial and office supplies
  • Beauty products

The Prime Pantry is practically a grocery store so you can buy anything you will find at your local Grocer… but more.

How Does Amazon Pantry Work?

Amazon Pantry is not like the rest of Amazon. It’s more like a virtual pantry where you can add grocery items you need as they run out at home. When you add items to your Pantry, it will fill up a pantry box that can hold up to 45 pounds. Once your box is filled, you can ship your items out and save big by bulk buying your groceries.

Amazon Pantry has a flat rate shipping fee of $5.99 or you can bundle 5 qualifying items and you will get free shipping on your Pantry Box which makes getting your groceries fast, cheap and easy.

prime pantry items

You can shop from a number of categories like:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Household & Pets
  • Beauty & Grooming
  • Wellness & Healthcare
  • Coupons & Deals

To get started with Amazon Pantry, you must have a Prime Membership.

If you already have an Amazon Prime account, then you are already qualified to use Amazon Pantry for free and you can start shopping right now.

Sounds pretty cool right? But how in the heck do you use Amazon Pantry?

How to use Amazon Pantry

Using Amazon Prime Pantry is pretty simple if you already have a Prime membership.

Just login to your Amazon account and click the departments tab on the top left menu. You will see a dropdown where you can select ‘Food & Grocery’.

In the sub menu, you will see the Prime Pantry link where you can start building your virtual pantry.

You can also go straight to the Amazon Pantry here.

amazon prime pantry menu

When you reach the Amazon Prime Pantry page, you are ready to start shopping for your favorite grocery items.

To add items to your virtual Pantry, just look for eligible items that contain the Prime Pantry logo.

how prime pantry works

You will also notice a small text under the price that says “Fills X.X% of your Pantry Box”. This tells you how much the item will take up in your Prime Pantry.

Remember that bulky items will take up more percentage of your Pantry box, so you can save more by choosing more smaller items to fill up your Pantry.

When you create your first Prime Pantry Box, Amazon will start building your Pantry.

get started with prime pantry box

Begin adding your items until your Pantry Box is 100% full. You will see the progress on the right sidebar of Amazon. It gets a little tough at the end to find the right item to make your Pantry box exactly 100% full. If you go over, Amazon will start building a new (different) Pantry Box so make sure you don’t go over if you are only wanting 1 Pantry Box.

Amazon will remember the items you buy so re-ordering groceries is super simple.

Before you checkout, make sure that you check out the Pantry Coupons & Deals section to see if any of  your items qualifying.

How to Save with Amazon Prime Pantry

Just by using Amazon Prime Pantry and building your virtual Pantry box will help you save tons by buying bulk… but there are also other great ways to save with Amazon’s Prime Pantry.

The Coupons & Deals section of Prime Pantry features thousands of great discounts and coupons for your favorite Pantry items.

Amazon Pantry Deals & Coupons

To find the Coupons and Deals section, just head to the Prime Pantry homepage and then select the ‘Coupon & Deals’ link.

prime pantry coupons and deals

Now you can browse thousands of coupons for every day items. Look for deals on the items you have added to your pantry to see if you can find any more savings.

Most discounts here are pretty small, ranging from 1%-5% savings or $.01-$2.00 savings but if you can find a coupon for most of your Pantry, then the discounts will really add up.

save with prime pantry

Amazon Prime Pantry Review

what is amazon prime pantry

Overall, the Prime Pantry is a cool idea if you hate going to the grocery store every week and getting the same things. You can pretty much automate this so that you just your stuff when you need it. Its nice that it remembers your previous Pantry for easy future ordering.

I think its great the Amazon Prime Pantry is free to all Prime members. If you can get the 5 eligible items in your pantry for the free shipping, it’s totally worth it.

I was able to save $38 on a recent Pantry box by using coupons and deals from the Pantry Deals area. This kind of savings coupled with the free shipping makes it a prettty great service in my opinion.

A lot of people don’t like making this big of purchase on a set schedule or having to go through the Pantry every time to find items.

Amazon has a service for those people as well called Subscribe and Save. It allows you to subscribe to common products so that you get them when you need them on a set schedule.

Amazon Pantry FAQ

How much does Amazon Prime Pantry Cost?

Prime Pantry is technically free for Amazon Prime members. Amazon Prime has a few different memberships, so Prime Pantry costs as much as you pay for Amazon Prime.

As far as the shipping, Amazon Prime Pantry is free if you select 5 eligible items, otherwise its $5.99 per Pantry box.

Is Amazon Pantry better than Subscribe & Save?

Amazon Pantry and Subscribe & Save are somewhat similar but subscribe and save is for select items you want to be automatically ordered. The Prime Pantry lets you build a virtual pantry to save on bulk buying.

Where are my Prime Pantry Credits?

While you may not be able to see your Prime Pantry Credits, they are there. If you have accumulated credits over time, you can simply checkout with Prime Pantry and your credits will be applied to your order.

How to Use Amazon Prime Pantry Credits

Collect Amazon Pantry Credit by selecting FREE No-rush delivery when checking out on Amazon. When you collect Prime Pantry credits, they will be automatically credited to your Pantry order once you checkout. You can check your Prime Pantry Credits here.

Is Amazon Pantry Different Than Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Pantry is a virtual pantry where items are shipped in 1 box via USPS, UPS, etc. Amazon Fresh is almost likes its own business that has trucks that delivery local and fresh groceries right to your door fast.

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